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Nerf Guns

A couple days ago I measured the muzzle velocity of my modded Nerf Recon gun, it came out to about 75 feet per second, or ~51mph. Thats really fast, although with a foam dart, it'll slow down fast as well. I did some range testing last fall and the average range was about 75-90 feet. Now you might be wondering how I went about measuring the muzzle velocity of a nerf gun? I did it with my webcam...

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Inductors Pt.1

For the past few months I've been experimenting with building and using Inductors as audio pickups. An inductor is essentially a coil of wire, and when used as an input on a sound recorder, it picks up any EM waves nearby. You can use it to listen to your computers clock speed, the buzz of mains power, or do some really interesting things with magnets like what I've done.

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Requiem of the Last Humans

Last spring I participated in SCAD'd HvZ (Humans Versus Zombies) event, needless to say I was turned in the first 10 minutes of my first mission.  But that gave me the opportunity to pull out my video camera.  Here's the first in hopefully a series of epic videos of HvZ.

A Tribute to the Humans who tried (and failed) to stop the zombie apocalypse on April 3rd, 2011.

Here's the original soundtrack for your listening pleasure:

Requiem of the Last Humans by Krevuk


New Layout

Well I've finally done it.  I've gone with a new layout, hopefully this one will be a little easier to navigate around.  I'm still looking for someone to redesign my logo though, and for the time being I've removed the orange ladybug from the top banner.


Changes coming to OrangeBug Studios!


Spring break is nearly here, and I'd really like to expand my website to it's fullest potential.  Expect many changes in the near future...

Changes so far:

  • I've added a guestbook, please go and post something, it's getting lonely.

(If you post spam I will delete it, if you repeatedly post spam, I will block your IP.)

  • Rearranged some pages, you'll figure it out.