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OrangeBug Studios, now on SoundCloud

I've uploaded some of my music onto SoundCloud, and I'll keep updating them as I go.

Latest tracks by Krevuk


Led Video Light


The light is housed inside of a DOA CG500 canon battery charger.  It uses the charging plate on the front to pull power from a canon camera battery.  The LED light has a voltage regulator so the light will continue to function even as the battery drains.  The hotshoe mount is temporarly mounted to the side, until I return home this summer.

The LED array is two sets of 3x10, for a total of 60 LEDs.  The LEDs are mounted on a custom made PCB that is the exact size of the orginal charging PCB.  I simply cut a hole in the back for the LED to poke through.  I have already designed a new PCB that has 78 LEDs and covers the entire back of the charger, however I won't be able to make it untill I return home to my shop.

The effective range of the light is about 3 feet, maybe a little farther in a dark room.  The LEDs were a little more directional than I would have liked, and you can see the halo they cast in the above picture.

Overall I am very happy with the results.  Although I wish I had started this project a little earlier.  I ended up finishing the PCB the night before I left for SCAD, and I soldered all the components in a motel room just outside of Savannah GA.


New Project: LED Video Light.

I've recently been looking into LED Video Lights for my Canon GL2.  There are a lot of great light out there, but they are way to expensive.  So I decided to build my own.

The design has gone through multiple stages, but I've arrived at a design that uses an old Canon CG500 charger that I have.  I orginally bought it to charge the GL2 batteries, but it arrived DOA.  I didn't feel like dealing with returning it, since it was only $20.  The LED light actually fits inside of the orginal CG500 case, and runs off the canon battery attached to it.  It also can run off of the power connector at the bottom.  The light has a TO220 voltage regulator built into the circuit, so you can power it with 4 to 25 volts DC.

I'll post pictures soon.


Laundromat, The Movie. Behind the Scenes Videos

Week 1

Week 2


Released: Piano Progressions!

I just finished my latest music album!

Piano Progressions!

You can Download the Album, and the included Cover Art here:


This album is a collection of several of my new pieces.


This is an interesting mix of multiple ethnic instruments, and low, low bass.  So low that it set my dogs off when I played it at home.

Piano Progressions No. 2:

This is the second piece I've written that features the piano as the primary instrument.  The first was in my first album, First Impressions.


Yea, so I'm no good with making up names for my music.  An upbeat mix, and in chronological order, the newest piece.

Piano Progressions No. 3:

I originally wrote this for a school video project.  This is also my first attempt at a rock piece.  Oh, and 8-bit beat breakout FTW!!


Trust your Technolust!  This is a remix of the theme to Hak5.  This is also my first successful piece with vocals.  And more 8-bit goodness.

Piano Progressions No. 2 Var.1:

This is the same arpeggiating piano from Track 2, but faster.  It's also good to note that other than the drums, everything is a piano.

IT (is) Hak5:

This is an awesome mashup of the theme from IT Crowd, and Hak5.

Piano Progressions No. 4:

I love the delay effect at the beginning.  And my fingers are tired from all this typing, so listen to the album already!!